SPIC Limits and Accounts with Different ‘Capacity’

Examples of separate capacities are:

  • individual account;
  • joint account;
  • an account for a corporation;
  • an account for a trust created under state law;
  • an individual retirement account;
  • a Roth individual retirement account;
  • an account held by an executor for an estate; and
  • an account held by a guardian for a ward or minor.
The rules:

Financial Fresh Start

The goobers over at Morgan Stanley have put together six tips to get a financial fresh start.

Here is the list:
1. Revisit Your Household Budget
2. Check Your Emergency Fund
3. Tackle Your Debt
4. Prioritize Your Wellness
5. Make Sure You’re on Track With Your Goals
6. Consider Investing in Ways that Matter to You

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